Growing with coffee and an exciting annoucement

Today’s {Throwback Thursday} post features some photo snippets that follows Raphael’s little coffee journey in Singapore. Raphael and I got wow-ed by filtered coffee and Ninetyplus beans in Melbourne by chance. When he came back to Singapore, he couldn’t forget the taste, aroma and flavors of good coffee and a coffee group was born with the main focus set to create a conducive environment for the exploration, discovery and drinking (of course) of good coffee from different roasters.

Joined by the love of coffee, the bond of friendship grew over cupping sessions and group chats. The beauty of life is that you never know where each connection you make while pursuing your passion will take you down the road. A recent joint collaboration of two members in our coffee group is about to bring the birth of a new business venture. Expect a beautiful pairing of gorgeous desserts by Ollella with quality specialty coffee by The Pourover Bar.

Raphael who will be running The Pourover Bar has always had an exceptionally high standard with coffee. He hopes to raise the bar that people can expected with coffee in Singapore. The Pourover Bar is a labour of love and to him coffee is not just a caffeine fix but an appreciation of the coffee journey from farm to cup. With specially sourced coffee beans roasted in Melbourne that includes (but not limited to) a large range of Ninetyplus beans, conscientious brewing techniques and a spotlight on quality instead of just obscene profit making, Raphael wants to make each cup one worth savoring.

Personally, I’m really excited for this new collaboration and couldn’t wait to share the news with you guys. The soft launch is happening in about 2 weeks time and you can pop by to tantalize your tastebuds with amazing desserts (from a very talented pâtissier) and revel in a clean cup of coffee with bursting flavors. I’ll share another post with photos of the desserts and the coffee bar when they are ready. It’s all still in WIP mode now. But if you want to note in your calendar for a new place to check out end March (maybe over the Easter weekend), here’s the address.

Ollella X The Pourover Bar

3 Petain Road
Singapore 208108
Tel: 98003523


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