Going to Pilatus

Venturing out again. This time to Mount Pilatus which is a mountain near Lucerne. This time, instead of the railways that I always take, we’ll be using the roads. Switzerland has petty smooth roads and maybe I’m lucky but the traffic wasn’t too bad either.

Every time I see the view of the mountains and the alps I get excited. Doesn’t matter which one or how many I go to, I simply love the view! And most of the mountains in Switzerland have snow capped tops all year round which makes it even prettier.

“The top can be reached with the Pilatus Railway, the world’s steepest cogwheel railway from Alpnachstad, operating from May to November (depending on snow conditions), and the whole year with the aerial panorama gondolas and aerial cableways from Kriens. Pilatus has the longest summer toboggan track in Switzerland (0.88 miles or 1,350 m) and the biggest suspension rope park in Central Switzerland.” -wiki

Anyways, this mountain is named Pilatus because legend is that Pontius Pilate was buried here. For those non-Christians, Pontius Pilate is the guy that judge over the trial that ended up with Jesus being crucified. He was not wholly responsible for the death of Jesus though. He kinda just handed Jesus to the Jews to do whatever they wanted to Jesus.



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