Fresh Dog Dry Shampoo from My Life Inc

In today’s post, I’ll like to share a product for dog owners out there who needs to give their pets a quick and easy “freshening up” session. Personally, I own two dogs and although I try to keep them cool as much as I can, the weather in Singapore can be too much for them to handle. There used to be warm seasons and cooler seasons in Singapore . Unfortunately, these days, it seems that even in the rainy seasons, Singapore is just generally much hotter than before.

Louis, my cocker spaniel, usually has on his cocker cut which the fur is kept short at the top and longer at the bottom. Emmie, my Kline Spitz (they look very much like pomeranians and sometimes I just tell others she’s one so it’s easier to explain how she looks like), has a thick double coat and looks best when fluffy. However, for the sake of her comfort, I also get the groomers to trim down her coat into what they call, “Puppy Cut”. Once a week bath is mandatory but dogs shouldn’t bathe too often as it will strip off their natural oils which their fur needs to keep it nice and lustrous.

To combat those in-between bath periods where the dogs need a little “freshening up”, I found Fresh Dog Shampoo Powder to be really efficient.

Fresh Dog is a line of natural Pet products that is made in the USA. There are no dyes, parabens, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, surfactants, or detergents in this dog dry shampoo powder.

I just sprinkle on the lovely lavender and rosemary scented powder into Emmie’s fur then proceed to give her a rub down.

Emmie absolutely enjoys the massage and attention. She probably realises that she get a lot more cuddles when she’s smelling fresh and fragrant as well.

Truthfully, my dogs love water. They love drinking it, playing in it, swimming in it and bathing in it. Even so, I do know of a lot of pet owners who have dogs that absolutely hate to be wet. This dry shampoo could just be the perfect solution because it masks their natural odour and leaves my dogs with nice fluffy fur after application.

Fresh Dog Shampoo Powder can be found at My Life Inc’s webstore for S$28 (325g). Purchase above S$50 (which isn’t hard to do at all) and you’ll get free delivery.

Here’s the outfit I wore to work that day.

These wedges were a perfect match for my dress. Unfortunately, they are about 7 years old and that day was the last day I wore this pair of wedges as it fell apart on me.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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