I’ve haven’t been feeling my best this week. I’m on the verge of falling ill but making sure I have plenty of sleep seems to be working at pushing back the onset of flu symptoms. This year I’m packing my schedule a little lighter than I did in 2015. Rest helps to give my body and soul time to recover from the stresses of daily life. I’ve also been working a lot on forgiveness. Not just towards others who might have hurt me carelessly but also towards myself.

Forgiving yourself for the things you did in the past allows you to move forward and create the life you were born to live. Sometimes I feel that we are harder on ourselves then others are on us. I have such high expectations of my own life, my morals and my ability to make everything float in harmony that I get pretty dejected when things go wrong. Now, I’m learning to  accept that what is done is done and that it is only human to make mistakes.

With each mistake,  I now know better and I should look forward at being a better person instead of harping on spilt milk. Playing out regrets from the past in my mind only creates guilt, resentment, and attachment. By being able to forgive myself and others, I’ve am taking a step away from letting anger and resentment continue to grow inside me.

Of course, every action has a consequence and that cannot be avoided. Focus, however, will be on minimising present problems and working out the best way to conquer the pressing issues. I will try to accept that everyone is doing the best they can with where they are at and forgive everyone any hurt I feel they may have caused me.

Forgiveness does not always mean that I agree with what has happened or that I condone their actions. It does not mean that I would continue to trust or make the same mistakes. It just means I’m choosing to let the experience go and have neutral feelings towards them. To no longer let what has happened affect my daily life, or to continue to feel pain or regrets.

Thank you for reading and I hope that forgiveness will be a part of your life too.


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