Diablo 3

One of the world’s most anticipated games is finally here and I’ve got the game before the release date 🙂 Many thanks to Shaun Michael Sim for being such a bud! He settled the pre-order, collection and everything!!! Louis is excited about the game as well! Not that he knows how to play (if only he did!) but he can sense that it’s important!

Unfortunately, the release of the game coincides at one of the busiest week in my work schedule so I’ll probably have to hold off till the weekend where I’ll have time to enjoy it. 🙁 At the moment, work and sleep is a priority and necessity. I really need more me time!!! For those of you who are luckier than I am, go explore the dark world of Diablo 3 once the servers are up tomorrow after noon at 3pm Singapore time!


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