Deadly Ever After

Halloween Time! Most of my Halloween fun was experienced over the last 2 weeks before Halloween rather than today. You’ve read my scary experiences at Fort Siloso and now let me share with you my trip to Sentosa to learn all about the tale of  “Deadly Ever After”.

The evening started calmly enough with a very relaxing ride to Sentosa on the Singapore Jewel Cable Car. I haven’t taken the Sentosa Cable car in the evening for the longest time even though I am a Jewel card member that allows me to take unlimited cable car.

The weather was cool and the ride though short was pretty scenic. Cable cars make a great little activity for those with kids as well! Especially now that they have the Angry Birds theme.

Deadly Ever After is situated on the right after exiting the cable car station at Sentosa. It doesn’t take long before you know you are on the right track for a scary experience because you start to see “ghosts” wandering around.

Deadly Ever After is a really scary haunted trail because it’s riddled with Chinese superstition. The story goes that Ah Ling, was forced to marry a dead man in what is considered a ghost marriage. Shortly after, she found out she was mysteriously pregnant with the dead husband’s child and the haunting begins!

Of the different trails I’ve tried, this one was definitely pretty scary. Scary enough for me to scream and forget all about taking photos while I was inside the trail!!! So instead all I have are some photos while waiting to enter the trail!

I tried to be a scary ghost(above) but I think Melva (below) did a much better job! She should audition for next year’s “ghost” role!

Here’s one non-scary photo of us!

The actors at the trail were just sooooo very good! And I love how they separated the crowd into smaller batches of 4 or 5 so that you get the maximum scare out of it! I’m glad I brought a whole bunch with me so I won’t have to walk alone!

There’s only one trail and it starts at the 4D magix and would meander its way through before finally ending at the Cable Car museum.

Thank you Sentosa for the adrenaline pumping scare!

If you want to give it a go, it’s $24 during the Halloween period! This includes a one way cable car ride!

I think today (27th Oct 2012) and tomorrow (28th Oct 2012) are your last chances so go go go!









Outfit of the day


Long Top: Japan

Lace shorts (underneath): Liz Lisa

Navy Cardigan: Drip Drops

Bag: Prada

Earrings and Wedges: Chanel




  1. Felicia
    November 3, 2012 / 9:34 pm

    I went too and it was scary! Keep screaming the whole way.

    • November 20, 2012 / 2:32 pm


      Hope the scariness made your Halloween Night really fun!

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