August 2014 {InstaFlashback}

I haven’t been blogging as much this week but I’ve had the blog on my mind a lot. The 2nd half of 2014 seems to be passing even faster than the first half and I haven’t done my {InstaFlashback} in awhile so here goes!

I had a lovely coffee cupping session (with Rainbow cake and ice-cream!) with friends at Shrove Tuesday and they might do a open to public coffee cupping event end of the year which is really exciting.

Updog Studio Yoga is my go to place whenever I need some stretch and detox. Having friends attending together just ups the fun factor.

Had a lovely John Frieda blowout at NEXT salon. Every girl should get a blowout every now and then. Just check out or follow them@johnfriedaSG for more details.

Feeling loved as Raphael made me delicious corn fritters to placate my horrendous craving while bestie, Sushi, made me muah chee! All these were done post-midnight! The crazy things we do.

Blogged about Vaseline and how I learnt the ways to keep dry skin at bay.

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Tried and tested the Clinique Sonic System Cleansing Brush and I love it!

Surprise cold drip coffee delivery from Raphael as I got busy working my way through National Day in Singapore.

Super fun and healthy day at W hotel!

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 You can read all about my workout, my relaxing AWAY Retreat followed by Yoga in the suite with Tara Stiles.

Headed to Bangkok with friends! Melva and I checked out the infamous Unicorn Cafe. Totally over hyped!

There’s always partying when Melva is around. I gotta admit that the music and atmosphere in Bangkok is way better than Singapore. Love the underground rave feel of this place.

Good food, wonderful company and massages every single day. I miss Bangkok already.

#OOTD in Bangkok!

Chilling out at a random pub in Bangkok listening to live music. The singers and live band in Thailand are really good.

Attended Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe event. You can read Raphael’s review of their Fly Me To Hong Kong” campaign.

Late night supper meet up with Sushi!

Samuel and I are amazed by Escriba’s fantasy land of chocolates!

After a night of Ma La cuisine with the girls, dearest Sushi bought me herbal drink and packed it in a cute Alice In Wonderland tote to ease my throat. Felt super loved!

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Best foot file ever! NailVibe Nickle Foot File.

I love Little Twin Stars and Raphael got me this cute mobile case from Sanrio. Super sweet! I really love “Just Because” surprises.

All MM wanted for his birthday was simple Chinese dishes and for me to game the whole day with him. What the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets.

Regina and I at the Trulife event learning about supplements and more!

Louis in bed next to me. He thinks he’s #foreverababy but I can’t deny his cuteness.

Celebrating my dearest Sushi’s birthday! Look at her beautiful family! I love them all!

Road Trip to Malaysia with Raphael! Found yummy coffee at The Daily Fix in Malacca.

MX-5 25th Anniversary at KL, Malaysia, Sepang Race Track.

My favourite photo of Raphael and his MX-5 at the race track.

I just had to stop by Tedboy Bakery for my strawberry shortcake and cookies! The almond ones are my absolute fave.

More to come soon! Thanks for reading.



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