Arriving in Cameron Highlands

Much thanks to AC for doing the scary drive up to Cameron Highlands where he expertly overtook trucks on a winding road up the mountain. Mum and I pretty much slept most of the way cause long car rides can sometimes be rather tiring!

About mid-way up we stopped for a photo op at this gushing waterfall just by the roadside. There were so many families and children playing in the water.

Nearby were some roadside food hawkers. I got tickled by the KFC stall. Nope, not Kentucky Fried Chicken but Kajang Fried Chicken! Another thing I noticed were that there were these road side stalls selling huge bean pods in bunches. I think they are the local petai beans but I’m not too sure. Can anyone confirm?

Finally we arrived at our hotel for our couple of nights stay in Cameron. I had chosen The Lakehouse, a tudor-style boutique lakehouse cause they had a huge 2 bedroom family suite! The hotel was supposed to be facing a pretty lake when I read the description online but unfortunately, the lake was anything but pretty. It was rather muddy colored! However, the estate itself was quite pretty.

We had our refreshing cold lemongrass welcome drink while I sat in the courtyard with a massively huge guest registration book to do my guest sign in! It was quite interesting to flip through the huge book and see guests arriving from so may different countries!



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