Zoukout 2011

Hailed as one of the best outdoor dance festival in Asia, it is the largest one in South East Asia and must go event for any hard core clubbing fanatic in Singapore. Despite that, I had no intention at all to go for Zoukout 2011 until the very last moments where I was swayed by friends. I’ve heard of so many horror stories of girls getting groped and molested while at Zoukout so I decided to be covered up in tee and shorts rather than strutting around in a bikini.

I headed down with Jun, Yitian, Regina, Fabian and JW. But we all met up with more friends that night such as Yan, Melvin, Kay Kay and Eric. It was a maddening crowded and it was a good thing that we camped out at the VIP Singtel teepee for most of the night so we had a fair bit of chilling space. Most of the peeps that went got pretty wasted and it was interesting to see how different personalities emerges when intoxicated. It’s a total release of inhibition which can be pretty fun! If you are wondering if I’m talking about myself, I’m sorry to disappoint as I was absolutely sober that night and even drove everyone out of the island for breakfast before sending them home.


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