Zoe's 5th Birthday

Last month, Louis and Emmie were invited by their furpal, Zoe, to attend Zoe’s 5th birthday celebration. I was actually having a fever that day but I couldn’t let them miss out on the fun just because I wasn’t feeling well so I dropped by for a short while so they could wish their friend a wonderful birthday.

Janice and Altas accompanied me to the party that day. Debbie (Zoe’s owner) had spent lots of effort in getting the party ready with a special VIP area, dog treats and dog pastries specially catered for the event. Zoe even had a nice doggy birthday cake which unfortunately I didn’t get to see cause I had to leave early.

Atlas helped choose the present for Zoe on behalf of Louis and Emmie. Doesn’t the dog on the treat looks exactly like Louis! Hopefully Zoe will be reminded of him when she gets fed her treats!

Louis and Emmie performed some tricks for Zoe and her guests at the party before we had to go. It was really difficult to get the dogs all in the same picture.

Here’s a parting shot of birthday girl, Zoe the terrier with all her birthday presents. Some of the photos here were taken from Debbie cause I didn’t snap many photos that day. Louis and Emmie had fun and loved all the food! They thank Zoe for inviting and Debbie for being such a nice hostess!



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