Yongkasem Bay

Back on the boat and we went past some caves that were supposed to be filled with swallows  and regularly harvested for bird nests. I was happily snapping photos of the water and scenery with my camera. Silly me brought my DSLR along to island hop! I had to watch carefully that I dun drop the camera especially when the waters get choppy. I didn’t bring out my DSLR after my first day!

Finally we got to Yongkasem Bay or also known as Monkey Bay. The monkeys will approach the boat to be fed once you are near. Normally the monkeys are harmless, but they could become aggressive when you have no more food to give. Keep a handful of sand if they try to approach you. The tourists got all excited seeing the monkeys peel bananas and drink from mineral bottles. I got amused at the tourist… wondering which scene looks sillier – the monkeys clamoring for food or the tourist clamoring to feed.


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