Yard Sale November 09

Sorry for the long wait on this yard sale post but I didn’t bring my camera that day so I just got the photos fresh off Sushi’s camera! Thanks to all that came!

I’m glad to report that our November Yard sale was a success and the girls are thinking of making this a monthly event! I’m not too sure when the next yard sale date will be at the moment cause we’re still working out the kinks but I’ll update you guys once I have the date.

We learnt a couple of things from our very first yard sale. Firstly, that people prefer to sleep in on weekends so having a yard sale starting at 10am was too early… we should start later in the day and end later in the evening! Secondly, it can be ghastly hot just sitting out all day so it’s important to hydrate often! Thirdly, if you see something you like, don’t hesitate to grab at those clearance prices we’re giving cause once it’s bought by someone else we can’t do much to help.

I’ve received lots of emails telling me the various reasons that some of you couldn’t make it for the yard sale. And I’ve also taken suggestions to put those more items on sale on my blog.

Well, the good news is I will be putting the items on sale on my blog tomorrow evening (12/11/09) at 9pm. But here’s the catch. Everything I put on the blog will include free local postage but if you get the same item at our yard sale it would have been $4 cheaper! So a $10 item at the yard sale is $14 on my blog. The reason it’s cheaper on at the yard sale because it’s clearance, I just want to sell it cheap to someone else and I want people to come to the yard sale so they can get the good bargains my friends are giving out too! If it’s via the blog, it takes a lot of effort to put up the pictures and reply emails, pack the items and find time to head down the post office. I have to reply every single email regardless of whether the item available on my blog for sale is taken up already or not and it takes time which is my most valuable commodity so please understand why I’m giving the perks to those that make an effort to come down to our yard sale.

And for the team behind the yard sale, we shall en devour to bring more good buys to this yard sale! It’s a great time to just chit-chat and catch up too!



  1. November 11, 2009 / 8:23 pm

    Wow, someone was selling her wedding gown?

    • November 11, 2009 / 10:52 pm


      lol… one of my friend had 2 wedding gowns for sale. One was unworn and the other was worn for only a couple of hours for an indoor studio shoot… and they are going at a mere $100 each!

  2. Christine
    November 16, 2009 / 11:29 am

    !!! Any more OPI!?

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