X-Japan in Hong Kong

Hong Kong food is really fab. Walk into any of there local diners and there is something there that is bound to please your taste buds. I do wish Singapore’s food standards can be better. I’m not saying that Singapore’s food is not good or of inferior quality, in fact with the right price you can get international standard high quality delectable food easily. But for the common man that would like to grab a cheap and easy lunch or dinner on an everyday basis, the local diners and hawkers have much to catch up. The good ones are always so very crowded with queues of over an hour long and the not so good ones are well, not so good. In that aspect I really miss Hong Kong.

I’m sorry I got sidetracked. After all, this post is about X-Japan in Hong Kong. The sold out concert was held at Asia World Expo and it was nothing short of awesome. Their Hong Kong concert is the first ever out of Japan concert they’ve held. They disbanded in 1997 but 10 years later they reunited again in 2007 which is fantastic news and I look forward to more music from them.

I’m not sure how much fan base they have in Singapore but they are sure as hell, HOT!!! in Hong Kong. All their merchandise were sold out!

Here are some footage from the concert. Watch if you are a fan of their music.


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