Why do we still want to own dogs?

Hey Malimo(the dog’s name)
Why is that, Malimo?
Just when I first met you
You were so small and tiny
So tiny…
So tiny that you seemed to be so fragile
I thought you were thumbelina
So much younger than me
Still a naughty child
You were born later than me
But why
Why have you
grown old earlier than me
Why is that

Why were you naughty at that time?
Why did you bite my clothes?
Why did you hide my shoes?
Why did you run before me?
Wait for me, Malimo
Why were you in such a hurry?
Why did you become mother earlier than me?
But I am always just a kid
There are so many things that I don’t understand
Still so many things that i don’t understand…
Still so many things that i don’t understand…
I want to know more about Malimo
Why did you become grandmother earlier than me?
Why did you


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