Why Always HK?

In HK… my outfits on and off the plane. With and without my jacket.

Friends ask me why I choose HK as a stopover vs Japan or Korea. To be honest, Korea would be my first choice cause I love to shop there… but I can go pretty uncontrollable in Korea especially with shoes so I try not to put myself in such a tempting situation too often. Japan is a wonderful country… I love the food and the culture but I don’t like it as a stopover country. It makes me long for more each time. I need at least 2 weeks in Japan to go to the places I want to go and see the places I want to see especially since I’ve been to the city areas so many times they no longer hold an attraction for me.

With HK… the main draw for me is food. I love their Tim Sum… noodles… goose rice and mango desserts. I can be contented just eating and eating for my short 3-5 days stopovers. And I never get sick of the food! However… I do hate the hot humid summer weather that HK has… argh!

The first thing I did after landing and checking in was to look for my dessert and my pork bun from Tsui Wah… Case in point.


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