Where's The Moon & The Manners?

My sis came over to my place right after her last paper to celebrate mid-autum with me (sweet rite?). So feeling like a child again we happily played candles and lanterns around my neighbourhood even though the haze was totally killing me and Louis. Louis definately didn’t enjoy the smokey enviroment that was caused by a mix of haze and the sparklers the kids were playing.

It was surprising to see the hordes of kids still playing at the playground with that enviroment but what was even more surprising is the terrible manners kids have these days!! What are schools and parents teaching!

This is what happened:

My sis and I happily playing candles in one corner… using our hands and legs to protect the flames from getting extinguished… when a sweet looking little girl approched us with a candle in her hand…

Little girl: Ke Yi Jie Huo Ma? ( Can I borrow fire?)
Me: Can! Here you go!

I plucked one of my lighted candle on the floor can gave the entire thing to her… she took it and ran away without saying thanks or even looking at us.

Then less then a min later while we were busy protecting our flames from any slight wind… she appeared again… This time however she just ignored our presence and plucked out another of our candle and ran away! Talk about self service! If that’s not bad enough she kept coming back to take more!!! I was stunned beyond words!

Eventually her constant running back and forth created so much wind and movement that all the flames on our candles got extinguished!! Feeling pissed… I decided to go back… I took my dog to the grass to let him pee while my sister pick up the remaining candles and cleared the mess…

Guess who should still have the cheek to come running again?

Little Gal: Wo Yao Huo! (I want fire!)
Janice (my sis): You look yourself our candles all no more fire liao.
Little Gal: Then how?
Pissed Janice: No fire la!
Irritated Little Gal: Then how you all start the fire just now?
Pissed Janice: Use lighter lor.
Demanding Little Gal: Give me!
Very pissed Janice: Wo Mei You! (I don’t have it!)It’s with my sis over there!
Terrible Little Gal looking Pissed: Ne Mo Xiao Xin Ye one! (So selfish one!)

Then gave Janice a distasteful look before running away.

My God… how can such a small sweet looking girl be so inconsiderate and have no social manners at all? My blood was boiling when I heard what happened between that rotten gal and my sis… but I was injured and just wanted to go home (another terrible incident by another rude kid).

Trust me… if I ever have children… they will learn to carry themselves properly. No nonsense about how kids are precious little things or that you shouldn’t beat them just talk to them. I truly believe “Spare the rod, Spoil the child”! If have no heart or no time to have children… dun have them! Don’t bring in more social parasites to the world!



  1. October 14, 2006 / 1:40 am

    Hello My Loving Big SISTER that I love so must till the day I die…! HeheZ..! Thanks for the time u spend with me & ya it was really fun. Let have more event together ya. By the way I want the all the PHOTO of us we took that day la..can give me ma?? THanks..!

    U really need a TAG box sis..sorry but your blog need help..it can look better..I will get shannon to help u when come back from TOKYO okay..? LOVE U & SISTER ROCK MAN..!

  2. October 15, 2006 / 7:31 pm

    Been running around like a headless chicken to get all my stuff in order before the japan trip so a little busy but will promise to put a tagbox when i’m back.

    And u can get the pics from me the next time u come over =)

  3. October 18, 2006 / 5:03 pm

    Faint!! Seriously nowadays the kids is terrible, i think if she’s my daughter i will give her a slap already. So rude!

    Haha… your sister very cute, but tagboard is easy to use. 😛
    If u want u can go to http://www.blogskins.com to look for nice skin! 😛

  4. October 19, 2006 / 4:00 am

    QiQi: Thanks for the advise… shall go look it up when I’m back =)

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