Weddings Galore!

So many of my favorite people are getting or got hitched recently! I’ve been helping out at so many I’ll soon be an expert on the subject.

It’s an amazing feeling to be at the weddings of friends you love. They are filled with joy and beauty you just can’t help feel overwhelmed with blessings to be there to see them solidify their union. Yes, I guess you can tell I’m a romantic at heart.

Being a jie mei at many a friend’s wedding and helping them out to plan and co-ordinate has given me some insight so here’s sharing some tips to brides-to-be.

– The bride is always the center of attraction and absolutely gorgeous on their big day. You are the princess… just let every one else do the work for you and don’t fret! You’ve already worked enough at the planning… enjoy the moment for it passes very fast and don’t let the small hiccups get to you.

– A marriage is for a lifetime but a wedding is for a day, so while it is a defining moment… the most important thing is that you are prepared for your lifetime together. Overspending for your wedding or having to be in debt to finance a dream wedding may find you facing a nightmare once the wedding is over.

– I know a lot of brides and grooms get stuck in a position where they try to please everyone and only end up being really stress up. Try to find neutral grounds especially with parents and parents-in-law… but ultimately you should not be forced to do anything you will have a lifetime to regret .

– When choosing boutiques or gowns or photographers, take your time… ask lots of questions and do bargain!

– Try to involve each other in the decision making as much as possible… and learn to give and take.

– If you can ask someone who has had some experience with weddings.

– Lastly, enjoy and smile!!!

Here are some of the weddings I’ve been to in the last 6 weeks (since I got back from my trip) that I remembered to bring my trusty camera. Gals.. send me the photos when you get them from your photographer!

Vernice and Tommy : Vernice are such a gorgeous bride!

Charmaine and Leon: I love you both and was so happy to see you tie the knot. Leon you are a real sporting groom! Send me the pics when you get them!

Doreen and David: We will meet up soon ya? So happy to hear of your good news! Take care of yourself ya? You’re gonna have your own blessed little family soon!

Bernice and Kelvin: Hope you guys are having fun on your honeymoon! You’re one of my oldest friend and seeing you 2 finally married makes me smile. Remember to let me see those pictures and videos esp the ones we took after the dinner in your suite!!

PS: Elie, it was nice having you there to be jie mei with me! Was really busy during that period… hopefully the next time you come back or when I go aust we’ll have more time to shop and catch up!

Kailing and Jackie: I’m sorry I couldn’t attend your wedding dinner but I’ll meet you soon with Louis and Emmie! Enjoy your honeymoon!

Joanne and Jared: Had so much fun on your wedding day! I love the bridesmaid thank you gift! So sweet! I didn’t bring my camera so you definately owe me photos!


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