Watsons Foot Mask

I’ve never tried a foot mask before but I thought I give Watsons one a try after coming back from a long trip which required me to walk a whole lot!

It was easy enough to put on. Just snip the top, slip in your feet and let the foot essence work it’s magic. I pretty much just lazed around my couch with my dogs watch an episode of modern family on TV. Oh yes, I’m a huge fan of the modern family series which says a lot since I hardly have any time to watch TV.

After my show, I walked with the mask on to the bathroom, threw it in the bin and gave my feet a quick rinse. I felt that the bottom of my feet was a little softer but was otherwise unimpressed by the mask. That was until the next day when the skin at the bottom of my feet started peeling! I was kinda shocked and first cause I have never had this happen to me before. After I rubbed off all the dead skin, my feet was really super smooth and soft! It was really amazing!





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