Vivocity Lunch Date

Remember I wrote about this lovely Japanese restaurant I thought was really yummy in a much older post? ( refer here). Well… I had to go visit again! This time with AC and Yan.

Food was good as usual though Yan told me there’s a place with yummy Japanese Buffet I should try! I’ve still yet a arrange another lunch date with her!

After lunch we went shoe shopping before heading to Yan’s house for some board game fun! My camera was all fogged up from the warm air outdoors compared to the air-conditioned restaurant. Doesn’t it look like the photo was taken in Genting Highlands?

I really do love Yan’s light pink sweater top… it’s so sweet! I need to be on a look out for one too! I saw a similar one at Zara sometime back but they didn’t have my size.

And lastly…. my outfit picture =)





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