View of Mt Batur

The last time I climbed Mt Batur, I remember how lovely it was to have a nice meal while enjoying the view. ( You can read about it here if you’ve missed that post out previously.) So this time, I recommended my friends to join me for lunch at the same restaurant with the volcano view!

The view of the volcano was as usual, a fantastic sight! For those of you who are travelling with family or do not wish to make that strenuous climb to the summit, this is a really good way to appreciate the gorgeous Bali volcanic landscape.

We’re in the highlands so despite it being so sunny, the temperature was actually just nice. Not hot, not cold, just cooling. Food here is pretty good too.

The Bintang Beer (local beer) advertisers! Lol… they bought their shirts in Bali and negotiated for a good price since they each got one!


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