Up to the Peak and Down to Mongkok

One of the places I wanted to bring Eleanor to is Victoria Peak, Hong Kong’s most famous attraction. It was probably my 5th time there so I didn’t take much photos but it’s Eleanor’s first trip to HK so she couldn’t miss it. If you want to see photos of a previous visit as well as the attractions I visited there such as Madam Tussaud wax museum, then read it at ” The Peak“.

This time going up, it was crazily humid and crowded. The queue was horrible but we still made it up there to see the view, walk around and have a good meal.

After that we headed to Mongkok to do some heartland shopping! It’s the absolute place for bargains and all sorts! We spent most of our remaining day shopping up a storm at Argyle Center. It’s probably comparable to Bangkok’s Platinum Mall. Lots of fashion stores with rock bottom prices! I wasn’t kidding when I said we shopped up a storm cause we even had to visit the money changer twice since most of the stores only accepted cash.

The only time we stopped at all was for dinner! At about 11pm we were still shopping along Ladies Market and our feet were about to give way. Eleanor already changed to slippers earlier at the Peak but I kept my heels on the entire day. So when we saw the first flyer for a cheap massage, off we go. It was in a tiny place on the 2nd floor of a shop house but the ladies were nice and the massage was good for our overworked arms, aching back and worn feet.



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