Underwater World

Well, our trip together didn’t end just quite yet. Since we were back in Singapore early, we decided to head down to Sentosa’s Underwater World to show them around.

Singaporeans get a discounted ticket!

Haven’t been to the Underwater World in ages but it was almost the same as I remembered them to be. I said almost because they did have quite a number of new additions since I first visited in 1991. Like Gracie the dugong that was rescued from Pulau Ubin, the mimic octopus, giant pacific octopus and pharaoh cuttlefish. I was wildly impressed with the huge fishes found in the Living Fossils exhibit. And it was also amazing to see the rare arctic sea angels up close instead of just learning about them on National Geographic.

I heard that Singapore Underwater World also conducts underwater weddings and had underwater wushu and lion dance performances! Too bad I didn’t catch any of the above performances while I was there.

I didn’t actually capture much pictures while I was at the Underwater World. Except for these jellyfish shots which I found intriguing just watching them float around and changing colors with the light. They’re like living works of art!

While not much photos were taken of the various exhibits, I do have a video below. You can see how Gio acted like a raving mad monkey in the bushes and also relive my embarrassing moment when I hit my head on the dome and tunnel tank at the crustacean exhibit featuring isopods.  How silly can I be!


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