Two new offerings from Michelin-starred Chef Yuki Onish

Two new offerings from Michelin-starred Chef Yuki Onish

Tsuta in Japan is the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen eatery. I’ve visited the tiny 9-seater Japan flagship store and loved the ramen there but I’ve yet to step into the brand’s Singapore outlets until now.

Chef Yuki Onishi, who has a penchant for experimenting with unique flavours and high-quality produce, was inspired by Singaporean’s use of duck as an ingredient with noodle dishes. To celebrate the first anniversary of Tsuta in Singapore, these two very unique duck ramen dishes (dry and soup version) will only be available in their Singapore outlets.

Using only fresh, premium ingredients in the dishes and adding no MSG, the chef uses the natural flavours of ingredients to accentuate the taste of his soba (ramen) offerings.

The Kamo Paitan Soba (S$11) features a bowl of duck broth with a creamy consistency. The broth has been slow cooked for five hours at precise temperature control. Another star ingredient is the poached duck breast, which is slow cooked in shoyu sauce for a prolonged duration, so that it retains a tender bite. It is topped with baby leaves, crushed roasted cashew nuts and diced yellow onions. The duck broth is intense and satisfying especially on a cool rainy day.

Don’t miss out on the minced duck wontons! The smooth and silky wonton skin is made fresh on site.

The Kamo Abura Soba (S$10) is a dry ramen which makes it a little more interesting to me. It features noodles that are marinated with premium shoyu and duck oil; the latter is made from scratch by the chef. As such, the dish boasts a strong umami aftertaste. In addition, it is accompanied with a light refreshing chicken stock with a tinge of sea salt (shio) to perfectly balance the taste. The dish is also topped with poached duck breast, baby leaves, crushed roasted cashew nuts and yellow onions.

The two questions most common questions I got after sharing the photos on my IG stories was :

Q: Which Ramen did you prefer? The dry version or the soup version?

A: I like the dry version better as the premium shoyu and dark oil marination coated the noodles perfectly. I love that the cashew nuts gave more texture and crunch in they dry version as well. That being said, I did really enjoy the duck wonton that came with the soup version.

Q: Is Tsuta’s ramen in Singapore as good as the one you tried in Japan?

A: I had different noodles in each outlet so it’s a little like comparing orange with apples. If I really had to compare, I did enjoy my Shoyu ramen in the Tokyo branch more but the one I had in Japan came with a dash of black truffle whereas  the one I had in Singapore stars duck as its’ main ingredient.

Tsuta Singapore at Pacific Plaza won the Bib Gourmand award for the 2017 MICHELIN Guide Singapore so prices of the new ramen offerings are pretty reasonable and are worth a try if the queues aren’t too long.

Tsuta Singapore
9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, #01-01 Singapore 228210



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