Twitter Craze

I started using Twitter for about a month already. When I first started tweeting I found it pretty silly. Reading and typing my current thoughts into a 140 character sentence.  Never thought that I’ll get so caught up with this social networking craze but with my Blackberry it got pretty addictive. It made catching up on my friends really easy too! It’s perfect for someone who’s always on the go like me.

Since tweeting has become a part of what I do so often, I’ve incorporated twitter on my blog. You can see my latest update on my side bar and if you follow me on twitter you might get to know me a little more personally too. I tend to reply to twits faster then emails I check them when I’m on the move and I rarely go on MSN. As for facebook messages, well don’t bother waiting if it’s urgent. I’ll probably be too late.

Here’s leaving you with some outfit posts.

Threw on a jacket before I left the house cause I was planning to stay out late.

And I know some of my readers have been emailing me to ask what do I wear underneath those short dresses/long tops and what do I mean by short frilly short… so for you all… here’s the picture of my shorts. Its the same kind I wore under those short frilly skirts that I wore in my recent Tokyo posts.


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