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As you might have heard, I’ve down with the flu. Sniffles, sore throat, fever, cough… the works. Thank goodness not the notorious swine flu though. But still, bad enough.

It means that I’m on MC and sleeping frequently cause my medication makes me so drowsy. And I absolutely hate the feeling! Being home and having some free time on my hands yet not enough concentration to do real work made me fidgety. I was looking for a nice new wallpaper for my twitter background and there are many nice free ones available online. But somehow I just wasn’t satisfied! So I ended up creating my own using adobe photoshop.

You can view it here and let me know if it’s nice.

Took a little trial and error to get the dimensions right (especially since every user out there has their own resolution) but I think I nailed a background that would fit the more common resolutions. I personally use 1280 X1024.

Yes I know I can be pretty geeky and techie sometimes. I really am a closeted geek (shhhhhhh!).

To camofluge my not so mainstream side, here’s my outfit post. Not of today since I’m looking pretty pathetic and sickly… but of a time before the flu bug hit me.


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