Travelling with some essentials from Watsons

I’m currently logging in from a small little cozy cafe in the fashion district of Amsterdam. I’ll be away for another month and before embarking on my trip, I managed to get some essentials from Watsons so I thought I’ll share my haul here. I took these photos fresh from my camera so they haven gone through any watermarking process.


1.  Loreal intensive conditioner – for my dry locks in this cold weather I’m in.

2. Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Lotion – I love the smell and use this right after showers to lock in the moisture before slipping my thermals on.

3. Ma Cherie Hair Treatment Oil – The whole Ma Cherie haircare range by Shiseido smells amazing! I use this treatment oil to protect my hair ends from the extremely drying weather. Being only 60ml, it’s definitely travel friendly.

4. Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shamp00 – The weather is expected to be really cold (around -26 to -30C) when I head to lapland next week and I don’t think I’ll want to subject my dry hair to my usual daily shampoo routine so this will help me to tide over the inbetween days.

5. Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup removal – I manage to find a super small travel size bottle of this in Watsons and it works well!

6. Cetaphil Cleanser – When travelling , I love products that works well with more than one function. This cleanser is soap-free so it’ll be more moisturising for both my body and face. Once again, this is the cute travel size version.

7. Dollywink Eyelash case – I already have one of this but I couldn’t resist getting another one especially since the ones with polka dots are going to be phased out soon.

8. Re-Nu Sensitive Contact lens solution – A travel size bottle for the washing and disinfecting of my contact lens.  I am not really short sighted but my eyes have high astigmatic issues which can worsen when there are highly reflective snowy landscapes.

I found so many other travel size goodies in Watsons and most of them were going on offer at S$2 each! However, I didn’t get most of them because I had some travel sized toiletries left over from my previous trips to finish up. But the next time I travel, I know where I can stock up travel essentials from before I depart Singapore.


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