{Travelling Tuesdays} Thinking of Melbourne…

{Travelling Tuesdays} Thinking of Melbourne…

I’m planning to go on a trip to Melbourne to spend my birthday there this year. The trip is not due till October but friends around me are getting me excited about the places to go, food to eat and the sights to see. I’m also really missing the easy laid back lifestyle I tend to enjoy whenever I’m in Australia. With Melbourne in mind, I’ve been looking at my old archives of travel photos and I realised that I’ve not shared a lot of my many trips to this beautiful city. Today’s {Travelling Tuesday} photos are taken in 2010 when I stopped by Melbourne to meet some friends before heading to Gold Coast.

The trip was originally planned so I could spend time with my girlfriend, Sushi, who was studying patisserie in Melbourne then. Just before my trip, however, she became pregnant with my Godson Leo and decided to return to Singapore as she couldn’t cope with the morning sickness and other pregnancy related woes without the support of her family. I went ahead with my trip anyways and Raphael so kindly volunteered to house me and show me the city.

He was still studying then so to give me an overview of what a typical day of his life is like in Melbourne, he threw me some muesli bars for breakfast and drove me to his school for a lecture.

In case you were wondering, I actually did sit in lecture, recapping the things I learn when I was in school! Learning is so much fun when you know you don’t have to be tested on it later on. If I had the time and the money, I could totally imagine sitting in various lectures in school, learning from different disciplines just for the sake of expanding my knowledge. But that’s just my inner nerd talking.

After school, we went on to meet Chelsea who wanted to bring me to Brunetti. This was long before Brunetti made its way into Singapore.

We had a lovely time catching up over lots of pastries and desserts. I remember having a really good impression of the fruit tarts and eclairs there.

I had a lovely time looking back on these photos while I’m looking forward to my upcoming Melbourne trip. Thank you for reading and letting me share my thoughts and with you.


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