{Travelling Tuesdays} Shopping trip to Tokyo with Sushi

{Travelling Tuesdays} Shopping trip to Tokyo with Sushi

As you might have already guess (if you are following me on Instagram @renzze), I’m currently in Osaka, Japan for a quick business trip. My dearest friend, Sushi, wanted to join me for a quick getaway but having the responsibility as a mother to 2 children made it quite impossible.

It’s quite strange how our lives can take on different directions and meanings without us realising it. In the spirit of reminiscing my past girly holidays with Sushi, I’m dedicating today’s {Travelling Tuesdays} post to a shopping trip Sushi and I took in 2011 to Tokyo. These photos taken barely 3 years ago somehow feels like it was a lifetime ago.

We spent 3 days and 2 nights doing nothing but shopping non-stop and enjoying girly chats throughout. Our hotel was right smack in the middle of the shopping districts which meant easy access to our favourite shopping malls without needing to travel far.

It’s always a lovely feeling to wake up and realise that you are in the heart of a shopping paradise with one of your best friends and shopping partners.

In fact, we didn’t take that much photos on this trip except when we stopped for food because we were too busy shopping. All the photos in this one post is everything I have from the trip. We’ll shop all day till the stores closed and start hunting for food in the streets late at night.

And if dinner wasn’t enough, we’ll head to the nearest convenience mart to stock up on all sorts of snacks to munch in our hotel room!

I still remember us camping outside Liz Lisa at Shinjuku cause we got up too early to shop and the stores weren’t open yet. And that was our second day returning back to the same store cause we were told that there was going to be some new arrivals. We ended up next door for a drink and some desserts while waiting.

Shopping trips like these requires a whole lot of stamina and I guess that’s probably why I didn’t get too fat even though I never exercised much back then. In between sprees we’ll hop into ramen stalls to fuel up before heading to our next destination.

Literally shopping till we both went completely broke. I can never resist hoarding up on all the ‘kawaii’ items when in Japan!

Just to give you an idea of how crazy our shopping was, here’s some photos of what we amassed in just 2 days of non-stop shopping!

I’m posing with my loot (Sushi’s loot wasn’t even in this photo!)  and on hindsight, I’m actually amazed that I manage to lug all of that back!

The “S” side of the bed belongs to Sushi and the “K” side of the be belongs to me! We were two completely blissful and happy shoppers!

It took us forever to pack everything up and stuff it into our suitcases on the last day.

We tried squeezed in little pockets of time to chit chat and chill and even managed to take a long enough break from shopping to get our hair dyed and cut at a Japanese salon. A little pampering goes a long way in shopping frenzy trips like this one and our stylist was so pretty and cute!

I’ve been to Japan countless of times and it’s always left me with pleasant memories to take home. Thanks for reading!


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