{Travelling Tuesdays} Korea on the first day of the year

{Travelling Tuesdays} Korea on the first day of the year

This week’s {Travelling Tuesdays} post is a throwback to a New Year spent onboard the aircraft and landing in Korea. Caught in the whirlwind of meetings and reports as I approach a crucial closing week at work, days and time simply slips past me quietly. It was almost 11pm on Tuesday before I realised I hadn’t released my {Travelling Tuesdays} post so I sincerely apologise if you are reading this on a Wednesday instead.

I’ve been inspired by Korean movies lately and rewatch the thought provoking movie “Castaway On The Moon” recently (I found the movie on YouTube if you were wondering). I had first watched the show back in 2009 and loved the quirky storyline, compelling storytelling and interesting camera angles. Re-watching the show again reminded me of how much I love Korean movies and how they seem to be able to bring out unexpected emotions in me.

With Korea on my mind, I’m sharing this set of photos that captures the frosty winter morning of Seoul before the city fully wakes up. It’s that special hour where you can enjoy the beauty of nature that co-exists almost invisibly within an amazing man made city.

I guess one of the reason why I love photography is that it forces me to look for subtleties. To go in search for the details and the beauty that surrounds me wherever I may be.

PS: Nothing warms me up better than hot soup after a cold wintery morning walk.

Thanks for reading and hope you like the photos.


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