{Travelling Tuesdays} Good Morning, Maldives!

{Travelling Tuesdays} Good Morning, Maldives!

I just got back from my whirlwind adventure trip in the Pacific and am barely settled in. I’m taking forever to upload and sort my New Zealand and Australia photos so for this week’s {Travelling Tuesday} post, I’m sharing from one of my Maldives trip last August. It’s not the best time to go Maldives because the weather can be pretty unpredictable during their monsoon period but I was happy to just chill in seclusion. My trip to Maldives earlier this year was definitely a lot better, weather-wise.

As hinted in the title, these series of photos exceptionally early in the morning as I wanted to catch the sunrise. I was a little disappointed to see how cloudy the skies were but there was a sense of calm and silence in the pre-dawn air that stills my heart.

Lots of boats were zooming by as the day slowly started to begin.

Even the little creatures around were starting their daily routines.

I really like the little denim top I had on. It was a gift from Wendy who runs Eternity Loft.

The little sail boat prints were so cute and the peplum cut was very flattering.

Special mention also goes out to my lovely ribbon earrings from Embellish.

Without me even noticing, the sun had fully risen. It’s an amazing feeling to wake up together with the world and have the time to just reflect.

See those awesome rays!

I even captured a mini rainbow 🙂

The sun was up just in time for my morning Yoga lesson. This was even before I joined Updog Studios so I was a complete noob! As you can see my postures are all not quite right and I didn’t bring any exercise attire with me. It’s so strange to think that even though I haven’t practiced yoga for long (about 6 months) but it has already became an essential part of my life now.

After my lesson, I had some fun on the beach cause the white sand and blue waters were just irresistible! I can never get enough of this place and MM is addicted so it might not be too long before I’m back there again.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good week ahead!


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