{Travelling Tuesdays} Blogging under a coconut tree

{Travelling Tuesdays} Blogging under a coconut tree

I’m currently in Maldives again! The hot and tormenting weather in Singapore made me wanna just chill out in some place where I can be in a bikini all day so off I went. My scheduled {Travelling Tuesday} post is about my stay in Spices Homes in Penang while this {Travelling Tuesday} post is just a bonus one I’m writing under a coconut tree on a resort island using my iPad while watching MM snorkel with the baby sharks. In other words, don’t expect too much out of it as I don’t work very well on tablets and smartphones.

In fact, these photos are from my previous Maldives trip because this trip is so laid-back that I haven’t taken much photos of my current trip other than using my iPhone from time to time.

Since all my Maldives trips are about the same, this post would give you and idea of what I do everyday (which is doing nothing) while living the islander life.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I usually do a full buffet spread at the restaurant or just check order room service and chill on the decks.

One of the cool things about having breakfast on the decks is that there are always so many fishes swimming under us!

MM brought me a gift after breakfast.

While I was unimpressed and commenting on how nondescript this shell was, it started to come alive!

A hermit crab! So cute and scary at the same time. These crabs can be found all over the island and as long as you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll spot them.

I picked one up to snap a picture.

But it started to come out of the shell with it’s pincers flinging wildly!

And you can see from my expression it was kinda scary. Don’t worry though, I managed to suppress my fear long enough to put it back down gently.

Crabs are seriously everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes.

Well, that’s the end to my typical day in Maldives! I know it’s really anti-climatic to end the post but honestly, the rest of my typical day in Maldives is spent swimming in the waters, reading on my kindle in a hammock, napping to the sounds of the sea, doing yoga or getting my massage at the spa. All these activities simply means I go offline and take a mini digital detox (well, until at least late at night when the addict in me wants to check Instagram/Facebook) so I don’t have anymore photos to share. Maybe the next time I go Maldives I’ll remember to bring an underwater camera so I can capture the amazing marine life they have here. I don’t think it will be too long because MM arranged for us to go Maldives twice this month! I know, it sounds crazy but scheduling time together is tough for us and we take what we can get. If MM’s happiness means breaking my Maldives holiday into two separate trips so we can both fulfil our  other commitments then two trips it is.

I’m gonna switch off and join MM in the waters because he looks like he is having way more fun than me sitting under the coconut tree.


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