Top 10 Do's and Don'ts to achieving glowing skin

From our guest writer,

Managing Partner of Porcelain The Face Spa Pauline Ng

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The skin is the largest organ of our body and therefore deserves the most attention and care. Here are some basic tips to achieving beautiful glowing skin, whether you are male or female, young or old:

The skin is constantly exposed to the detriments from environmental stresses and internal fluctuations caused by stress and hormones.

DO – Wear sunscreen every day
Make it your mantra, even if you are indoors during winter. UV rays from the sun are the number one cause of premature aging, so protect your skin 24/7 with a non-comedogenic sunscreen.

DON’T – Do not go tanning
Living in a country with a tropical climate, such as that of Singapore, exposes our skin to great amounts of sunlight and UV rays. Over-exposure from the sun causes dehydration of one’s skin and results in the formation of wrinkles. While UVB-rays cause sunburn and skin cancer, UVA rays are the culprits behind the darkening of melanin, which will eventually cause the formation of pigmentation on the skin.

Eat & Drink
Our diet determines the nutrients that our cells receive.

DO – Eat your water
Eating foods that are rich in water content, such as watermelons (90% water) and cucumbers (70% water) allows the water to be digested and absorbed the cells for plumper, healthier cells and hence, firmer skin.

DON’T – Avoid food high in sodium content
Avoid food such as processed food and instant meals, as well as excess alcohol or coffee which cause cell dehydration. When the cells are not well-hydrated, they become flaccid and limp, causing the structure of the skin to lose its firmness.

This is arguably the most important step in any skincare regime. Many are doing it, but are you doing it the right way?

DO – Be gentle
Although deep cleansing is necessary, be sure to use a cleanser void of harsh acids and chemicals that will cause increased sensitivity. Gently massage your skin instead of tugging and rubbing.

DON’T – Do not go to bed without properly cleansing your skin
The skin is a living breathing organ that produces sebum and sweat to protect and balance itself. As the day wears on, your skin may get congested with external impurities and excess sebum. Leaving it un-cleansed overnight is synonymous to having a ticking time bomb; you are essentially creating a warm, conducive environment for bacteria to breed on and finally developing into a pimple.

Skincare Regime at Home
There are many ways to go about doing this, but here are some tips to note.

DO – Have a proper skincare regime
Tone your skin and gently slap on moisturizing products and other skincare products recommended by your skincare professional. If you have found products that work for you, stick to them.

DON’T – Avoid changing products all the time
Do not always be tempted by NEW products in the market (we know it is hard). Your skin is a lot less resilient than you think it is. All it takes is one unsuitable product to ruin the immunity of your skin, and once provoked, it takes a much longer time to recover and return to its original state.

Professional Skincare
Make a consistent effort to visit your beautician regularly, and not do so only when problems surface.

DO – Visit a professional aesthecian regularly
Do visit a professional aesthetician once every month or two to deep-cleanse your skin as its natural renewal cycle is once every 28 days. The purpose of regular deep-cleansing is to ensure that your skin is maintained at a healthy state. When skin problems become visible to the naked eye, it may be too late.

DON’T – Avoid switching aesthecians too often
Do not expect your facial salon to do wonders within just one treatment session. We do not encourage switching aestheticians or trying out different facial salons unless the treatments offered have not proven effective.

Find one whom you trust and stick with them. Skincare is a long-term commitment and requires time and effort to heal and recover. Your skin changes as you age, and your regular aesthetician or facial therapist will probably be the best person to customize and offer the most effective treatment for your skin.

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Pauline Ng is the Managing Partner of Porcelain The Face Spa, a facial spa that advocates natural beauty with minimal use of make-up, but instead through a customized skincare regime to correct, not conceal facial flaws. Find out more about Porcelain The Face Spa at


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