Tokyo with babes!

I’ve procrastinated enough… and I really should post about my Tokyo trip with my girlies. The thing is, having 4 girls, 4 cameras and 1 video camera makes this a whole lot harder than my normals holiday photos. It was a nightmare just sorting the photos with their own filename categories into chronological order and as I’m doing this post, I’ve only sorted out our day one pictures!

We have been planning the trip for some time now… but all our schedules and budgets were so different it is a miracle we found a compromise to everything. We had intended to  go Shanghai to visit Jill but that turned into Milan at Gio’s place and when that didn’t work out… we decided to go Japan!

Even then, we were split into 2 groups with taking Northwest and Singapore Airlines. Koji and Sushi arrived in Japan 2 hours ahead of Clara and I so they were shopping and eating in the airport waiting for our plane to land.

Once we all arrived and met up, we headed to our hotel via the subway! All the dragging of luggage through the streets on Tokyo on a cold night was quite an experience especially for Koji since it’s her virgin trip to Japan.

Being on a budget, we checked in at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. It’s somewhat like a backpackers lodge with simple but very clean facilities.  Clara recommended the place as she stayed there on her previous trip. It was my first time in this place cause I usually stay at Shinjuku Hilton but for a 3 star hotel, we had pretty warm service.

More on the trip on my next post… gonna head to bed cause I need an early head-start tomorrow!


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