Tokyo Lash Collection to help brighten my mood

Tokyo Lash Collection to help brighten my mood

These photos were taken sometime in November 2013 when I first received my Star Lash Tokyo Lash Collection from Beauty Direct Singapore. It was a gloomy day and I was feeling extremely lazy and fat faced. For some reason (probably due to high sodium intake and water retention), I was having rather round and pudgy face for about 2-3 weeks. My Mystery Man (MM) kept poking fun at me because as oblivious as he normally is to anything beauty or fashion related, even he noticed I looked rounder then usual. To brighten up my mood, he suggested an intimate evening night out. I decided to try out Tokyo Lash Collection’s Dinner Date Ready Lashes (Yuki) simply because the name sounded really perfect for the occasion.

For some reason, I look less round after putting on the lashes, eyeliner and some light makeup. See! That’s the power of makeup!

But you can still tell the face is roundish, so for the next few shots, I decided not to take photos dead straight.

A little bit of angle and it looks much better.

Side view even less pudgy. Lol. Okay so now you know how to counter fat face days.

Anyways, dressing up and heading out for dinner, movie and drinks (in that order) was a fantastic idea and I forgotten all about my moodiness and water laden face (till I fished out these photos for this post).

The Dinner Date Lashes were really long but very light and fluttery. Personally my favourite lashes from Star Lash are still their Premium Range but at 3 pairs for S$20.90 these give better value. These lashes are very long and glamorous so it’s more suited for date nights or party outfits.

If you want something that is a little more coquettish for that first date, you can try Girlish Flutter (Yumiko) from Toyko Lash Collection.

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