{Throwback Thursdays} Gold Coast Girls Weekend

{Throwback Thursdays} Gold Coast Girls Weekend

Hello April! I have stopped blogging for quite a few weeks as I’ve been traveling in so many time zones my body just couldn’t figure out what day and night even meant anymore (if you have been following me on my Instagram @renzze , I’m sure you know what I mean) . I had a wonderful time exploring even though I encountered one very distressing mishap at the beginning of my journey. I reached back in Singapore just in time for our beloved Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral and it was a touching and emotional time for me to stand with my fellow Singaporeans to watch his final send off.

I’m currently sorting out my photos and working out my time schedule both for work and blogging. You can be assured that I have not dropped off the face of the earth and I’ll be back to blogging regularly. Since it’s a Thursday and I’m still in the midst of organising some exciting new blog post including another giveaway, I thought I’ll just share a series of photos plucked out of my archives from almost 5 years ago on one spontaneous girls trip I took with friends to the Gold Coast.

Gosh! I don’t know how 5 years could swoosh by me in a flicker but these memories will last forever. How we have all grown older but so much wiser and infinitely funnier? Through my {Throwback Thursday} posts, I am able to reflect on a relatively regular basis how I’ve changed both in looks (aging is inevitable) as well as in tastes.

For example, 5 years ago, I was still in my Boost Juice craze (especially the one with all the berries) and I had it just about everywhere in Australia. Nowadays, I still order it from time to time (it’s now found in Singapore as well) but I much prefer to go for all natural freshly blended juices I can make at home or buy from the fruit stall at the local market. If I’m at work or in the city, I’m usually geared towards getting a cup of cold press juice.

This trip was also the first and last time I let my friend, Jenny* (name and face hidden for privacy reasons) be in charge of driving. I get completely carsick and have to constantly fear for my mortality whenever she’s at the wheel. I have since taken over as default driver on our subsequent road trips.

On this trip, we decided to stay at a 3 bedroom service apartment so we can have all the girls together for late night chatting sessions easily (and boy did we talk till the wee hours everyday). I can’t remember the exact name of the service apartment anymore.

I’m guessing it’s Fraser?

Comes with a huge balcony, kitchen and walk-in wardrobe too!

Other than the normal outdoor pool and a heated indoor one, there was also a man made beach just in case you were too lazy to walk 5 mins across the street to the real Gold Coast beach.

Of course we chose to head out to the real beach instead!

It’s wintertime but there were still quite a number of surfers chasing the waves.

Gold Coast is Jenny’s favourite destination because it’s one of the few places you could still get away with wearing shorts in the winter afternoon and she has a penchant for theme parks.

We spent the evening doing some shopping at the outlet mall while we wait for my girlfriend, Clara, to make her way over from Brisbane.

Then it was time for feasting on Korean food! The Korean food in Australia generally tastes better than the ones we get in Singapore because they have such fresh produce and good quality cuts of meats. Having Korean stews during cold nights in Australian is almost a tradition for me and I still practice it today whenever I visit.

We walked into this Korean restaurant randomly but it turned out pretty good and a famous one where many Korean celebrities have visited.

Amazingly, I forgot to note down the restaurant’s name. Any kind souls recognize it? I had never intended to blog about this trip and all the photos were taken with a small point and shoot camera just for keepsake.  It wasn’t only until 2 years ago that I started doing {Throwback Thursdays} to keep archives of my experiences on my blog and to reflect of the many beautiful memories and impressions that I’ve created over the years.

Back to the story, a quick stop for ice-cream then we are back to the apartment to change for our night out on the town.

Off we go for some bar and club hopping! See how tiny I am next to my tall friend, Clara.

I think we were all a little crazy that night and had a wild time. Clara (and another friend Celeste) was so into clubbing during that time! Now, Clara’s a changed woman. She’s totally cat-like and sleeps even earlier than me (but wakes up later!).

OMG! We all look super young! I miss my naturally youthful and plumped face. 5 years has made such a difference to all of us.

To get us into the club on an express queue, I lost my first girl-on-girl kiss to Clara (even before we started drinking). This is probably a indication of how wild our night was going to be.

A round of shots to get going. I rarely drink shots but this was one of those occasions where I just couldn’t say no.

The bar bitch looked like a perfectly animated mannequin. Kinda cool yet scary at the same time.

Oh and we definitely got lots of attention.

I love my girls! I may have one or two close guy friends but I’m really very much a girl’s girl at heart.

Thank you for reading and taking a trip down memory lane with me. Enjoy this Easter weekend and I promise more posts will be up soon!


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