{Throwback Thursday} Brights

{Throwback Thursday} Brights

For this week’s {Throwback Thursday} post, I’ll be sharing an #ootd taken a year ago. I remember feeling terribly down that day so I decided to go with bright florals to brighten up my day with accessories bought or gifted to me with love. Dressing up is my way of beating the blues. Everyday we make a decision with how we want to spend our time and I choose to be happy. Life may not always be smooth sailing but when you choose to be happy, you choose to let the negativity pass you by. It’s impossible to please everyone. If you have a good hair day, they’ll pick on you skin. If you have great skin, they’ll pick on your outfit. If you look too perfect, they’ll say you’re fake. There really so no end to it and I’ve stopped trying to understand why people are so mean to others. It takes the same effort to say something nice to another person and make their day so much brighter but most people choose to pull others down. I can’t dictate what others should do but I try to make it a point to choose to be happy and choose to bring happiness to people whom I encounter. A nice smile or a chirpy good morning to the neighbors reminds us that we are all human and we can make each others journey in this life that much more enjoyable.

Have a happy Thursday and I hope you are filled with happy thoughts since the weekend is nearing.

Dress: Bought in Australia

Belt: Taken from another dress

Earrings and necklace: Chanel

Ring: YSL


Watch: Frank Muller

Bag: Prada

Bag Charm: Samantha Thavasa

Heels: Christian Louboutin


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