The Ternate Bridges of Tongli

Roaming around the streets of Tongli, you would notice a vast amount of bridges in this little village. 49 bridges to be exact. But only the 3 bridges in the central of town three rivers join together are the most symbolic of them all. Known as ternate bridges because they cross over 3 different rivers but form a circular route that never ends. Bridges linked this way are viewed as a very auspicious symbol to the local residents and whenever there’s a wedding or a special occasion, they would have to walk through the 3 bridges. They are the  Peace and Tranquility (Taiping) Bridge, Luck (Jili) Bridge and Lasting Celebration (Changqing) Bridge. Married couples who walk through all 3 bridges together will be blessed.

And if you want you could go to the stores near the bridges to pick out some fresh water pearls!


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