The Party Girl's Secret

We all have had that special occasion or event we needed to go at last minute’s notice and we scramble for a dress so we can look gorgeous only to realize that we are going to break our piggy bank for a dress and the matching accessories that would only have the shelf life of one event.

It could be prom night, ROM ceremony, a gala dinner, a photo shoot or an event where you’ll meet your ex and his new model girl friend, either way, you know that that event would be etched in your memory for a long time and you can’t afford to look shabby. Yet spending a thousand dollars on a dress seems extremely frivolous especially in an economy like ours. So the smart party girl goes to Dress Sense and rents herself the perfect dress for a fraction of the price, gets to be the spotlight of the party and never have to repeat her outfits!

Yep! Dress Sense rents out all sorts of cocktail and evening dresses as well as accessories so that you can not only be a star but financially savvy as well! Their boutique is at Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, #03-29A so you can pop by to try on the dresses and feel the luxurious fabrics before you make your rental choice! Of course, if you would like to buy the dresses and accessories brand new instead of renting them, you could also do so.

I love their huge mirror in the dressing room and fantastic customer service. Their range of elegant dresses from top evening wear brand names come in limited pieces that would fit a size 0 to 14! My favorite were dresses from  Faviana and Aidan Mattox. I’ve put up a few dresses here that I’m keeping in mind for my next event!

And if it doesn’t fit as perfect such as on a petite frame like mine, they even do minor alterations so that it would fit flawlessly. And should you decide that the the dress made your Cinderella dreams come true and you would like to keep the dress instead of returning it, you always have the option of purchasing it.

You may have spotted dresses from Dress Sense on some local celebrities and bloggers as well! So now you know where you can get their stunning dresses.

Now the secret is out 🙂  For more info, you can check them out at or at their facebook page,




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