The office Christmas party


Here I am rolling out to my pre-christmas parties!

My office Christmas party was held at Cocotte. A little charming french restaurant at Wanderlust Hotel. It was my first time there and the food was pretty good! Seeing all the smiling and laughing faces in the photos, I’m sure you can guess that we all had a good time!

Although French food generally conjures up fine dining in my head, this place was wonderfully rustic and laid back. Quite similar to some of the little cafes and restaurants I tried in Provins, France. I love the cosy feel and the homely decor.

Eunice gave me this gorgeous little hand made necklace using the Marc Jacobs miniature Daisy perfume. I love the scent and am absolutely impressed with her creativity. The necklace can be worn multi-way and I simply love the sweet girly design. It even came gift wrapped in a cute little chinese take-out box!

I had to head off to another Pre-Christmas and house warming that lasted till the wee hours of the night but no photos for those cause it’ll be a little intrusive to make those photos public 😉

My outfit that day was inspired by a song that was ringing in my head the day before ” Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro. Super Catchy! Here’s the YouTube link:


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