The Good And The Bad

I’ve been kinda busy since I got back… haven’t even met up my favorite girlfriends to get my tokyo pictures from them! So photos and video from my trip has gotta wait.

I just wanted to share my encounter with 2 restaurants recently.

First, the bad. We made our food order at Sakae Sushi at Tampines Century Square basement. After a cool 45 mins later and some sushi down our stomachs, our ordered food still hasn’t appeared. I was tempted to take more sushi off the conveyer belt but was afraid that eating too much might ruin my appetite for the main courses that we ordered. I asked a server to check our orders for us and was subsequently told that the kitchen is having some problem with the appliances and haven’t been able to cook our food. We were also told to wait awhile longer. I wondered which appliance was giving problems since we ordered any array of different food including soups and fried foods. Anyhow I asked her to check and let me know how much longer do we need to wait as I was starving. After another wait with no appearance from that server, we decided to bill and move to some where else to eat. I understand that sometimes unexpected incidents may occur but what pisses me off was that no one had the sense of responsibility to inform the customers of the possible delay. If we didn’t ask, we might have waited till the cows come home!

But not all restaurants have such horrible service attitude. Which comes to the good. After we left Sakae Sushi, we headed to Cafe Cartel at Tampines Mall. The service was fast and efficient. Food came fast and was really yummy. Our waters were topped up without prompt even though we chose to sit outside away from the main crowd. When it was time for billing, it took a little longer than expected but the manager there noticed us waiting and came to ask. When informed that we were waiting for our credit card to be returned, he immediately when to check and came back with the bill. He apologized and wished us well. Very sincere and very attentive. It’s small actions and the overall service of the cafe really saved what could have been a really horrid evening into something pleasant. I will definitely be going back there soon.


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