The Bund

The bund is one of Shanghai most visited areas. It refers to the stretch of buildings at the river front with many of them preserved from the heydays of old shanghai.

While I was there, the bund was still under reconstruction but it has since been open to the public once again. Many of the buildings here have a British architectural design, reminiscent of the time the British took over this area. It was and still is

today, a bustling hub of financial activities.

I really love the architecture of all the historical buildings in the bund and can absolutely place myself in the old shanghai as depicted in movies. Here’s a shot of  the bund that I captured in black and white. Isn’t it lovely!

The bund is located at the edge of Huangpu river, separating Pudong and Puxi . Juxtaposing the historical buildings of this area is the new Shanghai in the opposite bank with taller and more modern buildings. The most iconic building to note is the Orient Pearl Tower.  There are several ways to get from one side to the other and this time I thought I’ll go for the pedestrian transit tunnel through the river itself.


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