Thank You LG

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I’m sure you all remember the LG Life’s good moments campaign I participated in 2010. Well, it has long come to a close but I wanted to thank all of you again. With much love from my friends, readers and family, I was named Creative Winner for the challenge. You can view my interview below but I have to warn you that I really don’t do well in interviews! My nerves always gets the better of me in from of the camera but my interviewer, Pearlin, and the video crew were so nice and encouraging!

Video also at

I would also like to take this time to show you all the previously unreleased videos and photos that I’ve done for the LG campaign. Here are some of the photos of the LG mobile that I took in Zurich but never got round to posting it up!

It was absolutely freezing! And a great time for ice-cream cause it’ll never melt!

I even made a LG Snow Android! (Gosh! Ain’t it geeky! Looks a little like a care bear though!)

LG snow logo!

And last but not least! An unreleased short advert with the help of my friends. Even vampires can benefit from owning an LG phone! Have fun watching!

Video also available at



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