Templar Park

Nature is aplenty in Malaysia. Lots of rainforests and jungles have been well preserved for exploration. We decided to head north about 22km from Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur, to hike at Templar Park.

It’s honestly more like a jungle then a park with lots of trails, rivers and waterfalls. But Andrew and Celynn were there to lead the way!

Andrew used to be in the boys scout and he was happily reminiscing about all their various antics they had been up to when they were kids. Camping in the outdoors was on of their favorite pastimes.

Monkeys can be seen frequently but it’ll be wise not to feed them.

It’s a relatively easy trek up so this would be suitable for family outings as well.

However, one should walk briskly and be on the look out for leaches. If you are really afraid I guess you could always wear high socks. I wore the normal ankle length socks that day and always stopping to take photos gave a leach the opportunity to jump up on me!

Here’s the leech point of entry on my leg… you can see that it was still dripping blood long after the leach had dropped off. Luckily I had a tiny leach and not a big one. The leaches in Templar Park are pretty small and worm-like. But they can feed till they are 2 to 3 times their size before the release their grip and drop off you. It wasn’t painful at all… just kinda itchy.

Here’s a close up of a blood sucking leech. This one was discovered before it had a chance to attach itself so it the size before it has any blood digested. They are generally harmless… just kinda irritating… like mosquitoes.

Also, there are huge forest roaches! LOL but they aren’t as common as the leeches.

It wasn’t long before we reached the first cascade of waterfalls. But we didn’t really stop there cause there were campers nearby and we wanted to hike up to the higher falls since the water would generally be cleaner the higher up the river you go.

So we continued on the hiking path heading upwards. The higher we went, the less people there were.

I’ll continue the post on Templar Park’s waterfall in the next post 🙂


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