Ted Boy Bakery

Nestled in the heart of Telawi Bangsar, KL, Malaysia is a new bakery called Tedboy Bakery. This bakery is a labour of love opened by my friends, Edward and Patrina. They’ve named their bakery after their 11 month old son, Ted, and envisioned a bakery with products that were fresh enough for their own child. I always love good quality breads and was excited to visit. But since I only head to Kuala Lumpur every once in awhile, it took awhile before I had a chance to check the place out.

I love the stylish yet cosy decor with both indoor and al fresco dining. Even from the outside, you can smell the aroma of fresh breads and look through to see all the loafs of breads and pastries  on clear display.

Understanding the necessity of customers’ needs to be connected through technology, there are free ipads for use, found throughout the stores and free wifi for all their customers. Coupled with the smell of fresh bread and coffee, I felt immediately relaxed and at home in this place.

Tedboy serves italian Bistrot Medium roast coffee which have been highly raved about and they also have a wonderful brunch selection.

For those who don’t fancy coffees, you have to try their Fiber Mania Juices. Each glass contains only 3oz of water and everything else in there is from fresh fruits. No sugar is added at all! Yet the results is deliciously healthy and packed with goodness. If I stay in KL, this will probably be one of my breakfast haunts.

I wanted to try out their pizzas, burgers and salads but decided that those should be done on a different visit since the heart of a bakery is in their breads and pastries.

Tedboy have a nice selection of scones, buns , bread, cake and pastries. I’ve tried so many that day and there really wasn’t a bad one at all! I think the secret lies in the fact that Tedboy bakes their products fresh every single day. All unsold bread goes to charity at the end of the day.

Even better, there are no preservatives added at all. Just made the way they would at home for their young son, Ted. It’s the sort of bread I wish I had access to every single day . For those of you in KL, lucky you!

There were numerous breads to choose from and we couldn’t resist bringing home a whole loaf of ham and cheese bread that day even though we were stuffed. It’s amazing how Edward and Patrina, together with their talented chefs, were able to come up with so many different yummy combinations just from simple ingredients like eggs, flour, water and yeast.

Luckily, I didn’t visit the store alone and had AC around to help share these yummies so that I was able to try a wider selection. I even manage to try their oreo cheesecake and poppyseed bagel with cream cheese. Just looking at these photo are making my tummy rumble!

You can bet that I’ll  head down again the next time I am in KL. I would love to try even more items. With the limitation of my tummy, I couldn’t do them all in one sitting so I’m going to have to make a few trips. Since Patrina told me that they are looking to expand their selection, I’m sure there will be even more goodies to surprise my tastebuds the next time.

Here I am with one half of the owners, Patrina Tang. If you are look for breads that are as fresh as homemade or just want to find a great place to chill, visit


10, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar, 59100 KL.
Tel: 03-2202 1312.
Hours: 8:00am-9:30pm.

Remember that if you are bringing back a loaf, do store it in an airtight container just like they do in the store.








We spent the rest of the day in the Bangsar area.

After tea at Tedboy, we popped over next door to Ashley’s (another friend) establishment, Apronbay. It’s an amazing thing to have friends open their businesses just next to each other! Whenever I’m in KL, I’ll visit Apronbay for their eyebrow threading.  Apronbay does more than just threading of course and their core business is in waxing.

Another friend’s wife-to-be was in Apronbay getting her nails pimped up for her wedding (which we were in KL to attend) so we though we should pop by to say hi.

My night ended in Bangsar by having dinner with Mei Ying (ex-colleague)  at the nearby famous banana leaf restaurant. No pictures of dinner cause we were too busy catching up but here are 2 pictures we took of the full moon that night.

Never expected the simple DSLR to be able to capture the shadows on the surface of the moon from earth. It was a very clear night.








Outfit of the day


I had my outfit shot taken at one of the many alleyways in the Bangsar area. My outfit theme was basically comfortable and casual since I knew I’ll be chilling out with friends the whole day.

Dress: Dustbunny Vintage

Sunglasses: Australia

Tote: Dazzlin, Japan

Bracelet: Cartier

Heels: Korean



  1. Ros
    December 5, 2012 / 9:06 pm

    Hi renzze, any driver/ local guide to recommend for Bali? Thanks in advance.

    • January 4, 2013 / 1:42 pm

      Hi Ros,

      The one I usually use is called Magnam and I’ve been using his tour services for the last 14 years whenever I go Bali. You can email him at magnumw@hotmail.com

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