Tanjung Tengah

My last post on my Redang trip.

We spent our last day snorkeling at Tanjung Tengah in Pasir Panjang. This area is not usually frequent by snorkelers but by divers. Since we had a diving guide with us that promised to show us sharks and turtles, we decided to go explore.  Known as ‘Sharks Bay’, the reef in these waters are a nursery to many baby black-tip sharks.  Other than sharks, there are schooling needlefish, a few turtles, squid, an orange-striped triggerfish, a resident barracuda and the other comon reef fishes. Turtles swim really fast and I couldn’t capture their picture!

These gorgeous photos were taken just after we packed our bags and were ready to leave the resort. It was a gorgeous day with scenery that is so beautiful that it looks almost fake! I seriously can’t wait to go back Redang again!


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