Taking one step at a time

Taking one step at a time

Hello everyone. It’s 29th February, a leap day that happens only once every 4 years. I’ve had an intense weekend and I think that my body is feeling the brunt of that today. Nevertheless, it’s been a good week and I’m looking forward to more exciting happenings in 2016. This will be the year of phenomenal changes for me. Both in terms of my personal life as well as in my career choices. With so many things on my plate, it’s even more important for me to remember to pace myself. To take one careful step at a time instead of leaping in blindly.

Maybe it’s age and experience talking but just a couple of years ago, I would have been of a different mindset. When I was younger, I’ll rush head first into new ventures at Road Runner’s speed (if you don’t get my reference to Road Runner, well, we are obviously from different generations). I used to feel like I needed to do everything at once, to make snappy decisions, waste no time in planning out my life, to grab every experience, find true love, figure my life purpose and come out a super woman; all at the same time.

It’s not like I don’t want to live life to the fullest anymore or to shape my life and bring it to greater heights but these days, I no longer rush into things. I allow my life to unfold before me, let circumstances run its natural course. I sit and I wait to see where life is taking me and weigh the pros and cons of my decisions in a languid manner before coming to a decision. I have learnt to befriend time, to enjoy every bite of my food, be immersed in every conversation I partake, every sight I come across. I let others tell me their side of their stories, to let myself mull over life choices a little longer, to let different sides of a situation show their colors to me.

Taking action is critical and I still have an overall plan of direction to steer my life to but instead of just ticking items of a list, I want to truly feel the impact of the choices. To be keenly aware of the life I’m currently living, the improvements that need to be done and working towards my goals at a speed that will not give me a complete burnout at the end of the day.

With so many platforms and micro-sites like Instagram (@renzze) and Snapchat (karenashleyng) available, actual blogging is taking a backseat with many influencers and bloggers. I frequently update my live happenings on these platforms as the rawness and instantaneous feedback can be quite addictive. However, nothing gives me the same level of intimacy and connection that I get from taking the effort time arranging photos and writing proper prose. There is so much more to a blog post than just photos and a caption and as time strapped as I am, I will continue to dedicate time to sharing my thoughts with you. Thank you for taking time to read a whole blogpost in this world of fast media consumption.


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