Taking a drive up north to Malaysia with Mummy

My mom saw all the yummy food photos I took when I went up to Malaysia the last trip and she got really tempted. Since then, she has been bugging me to take her on a food trip in neighboring Malaysia. Some time last year, I finally found time to take her on a long drive up North with many stops along the way for food and sightseeing. I’ll be posting on this trip in the next couple of posts.

Here I am on my first day being the driver of this food expedition. I’m seriously the chauffeur in my family! Everyone expects me to drive all the time 🙁

Louis and Emmie were guarding my belongings and obviously wished they could come along too. I would love to bring them along if not because of the crazy quarantine restrictions they have to go through.

It was such a rainy drive. For a sneak preview of the up coming posts, watch the video below.

Video can be also found at http://youtu.be/0WkF3JFlwI4


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