Taking a break at Cameron Highlands

I just sorted out a new batch of photos so I’m back to completing my postings on my Cameron Highland trip.

Somewhere near the very peak of Cameron Highlands is where the local market is. It’s an extremely busy area and it was very difficult for us to find parking but we eventually did.

I bought a whole lot of food stuff to try and most of them were pretty yummy even though I don’t know their names.

My personal favorites would have to be the fried chicken and grilled corn. I have always loved grilled corn and will not be able to resist having one if I come across it. The best grilled corn I’ve tried to date has been from Bali.

After all the shopping and munching, we finally had our proper dinner at one of the zi char restaurants on Cameron Highlands.

The food is good and I expected it to be pricier since it is located on the mountain top but it was still relatively affordable. We wanted to order paku-pakis for my mum to try but it was unavailable. It’s actually fried fern leaves which is supposedly a local delicacy. Till date I still haven’t gotten a chance to try how a dish of fried fern tastes like.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for some R & R time. The hotel had so many comfy living areas it was just great to explore and lounge around in.



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