Taiwan to Singapore

This post marks the last post of this Taiwan trip. Would I go back? Most definitely! I think there are a lot of places I’ve yet to explore and a lot of places that I’ve been too and would like to do more intensely. But at the moment it looks like Taiwan won’t be in my agenda for the year 2010. Maybe I’ll consider visiting in 2011.

For Hello Kitty fans, you might be glad to note that the Taipei Airport is the only airport in the world that has a hello kitty themed nursing room. I’m not a mother but still I could help but to go in for a look see.

It’s so cute inside! And there was no one there when I popped by so I took a couple of pictures to share. They have complimentary hot water, cleaning wipes, cotton wool, diapers and more for mothers to use.

Other than the main area, there was another separate baby room for mothers who would like more privacy when they breastfeed.

I had my dinner at the airport before hopping onto the flight home. Figured that I much rather sleep my way home in the plane then have to wake up for meal service.

I wanted a light meal of chicken soup noodles and congee but the portions turned out so huge! Just look at the size of the bowl!

True to my word, once I was on the flight, I slept like a baby through the meal service. I did make an exception to wake up for some ice-cream though. I can always make an exception for ice-cream… lol

Finally back to Singapore’s Changi Airport! I love the familiar sights of the orchids!


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