Swallow Grotto

Another famous area of Taroko Gorge, Swallow Grotto 燕子口. The journey starts at the Jinheng Bridge area and it is a winding narrow tunnel pass that you walk through for less then a km.

While walking the narrow road that weaves in and out of the cliff side, you can see many little caves in the cliff surfaces that houses the swallows. These little hollows are a natural formation from the erosion of the river. It is a beautiful sight to view the natural balance of nature from such close proximity.

Of course the danger of walking is such a trail so close to the edge of the cliff meant that we had to be really careful of rockfalls. This is an actual danger that presents itself every now and then especially during the raining seasons.

Upon reaching the end of Swallow Grotto, you will see the landscape below.

One of the rock formations here is known to look like a Red Indian chief… I wonder if you can spot it? I’ve put a larger and easier to spot photo below.

I didn’t spot any animals during my time at Taroko Gorge… maybe I was walking in the more famous and therefore touristy areas. I did spot a grasshopper…

And the only animal was probably this lovely Golden Retriever that belongs to the owner in the little souvenir store rest stop.

There were several other little stops we made along our way that day to capture the scenery. At some stops I just lay down to admire the sky and scenery… the peacefulness of the surroundings. I guess I’m just contented to be away from sky scrappers for awhile.

It would be nice if I didn’t have any time constraints… if I could set up a little camping spot at a comfortable spot at the cliffs tops near to the gushing river and stay over for a night. I can imagine how beautiful the night sky with countless of stars will be. Just me and nature for one night.


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